300mm Disk Sander

Jun 14/2008
I decided to make disk sander. I use the old motor attached to wood lathe (WT-300).Drawing
1.I marked the position of the tap to V pulley.
2.M5 tap.
3.The material of the disk is a 12mm ply wood.
4.It fix a disk on the V pulley by the screw.
5.I turn the periphery of the disk by the wood lathe.
6.The motor is fixed to the work bench. And, it test run.
7.The base-plate. It is joint by biscuit.
8.I cut the ditch of the base-plate by the trimmer.
9.The casing. I shaved it using the trimmer.
10.The temporary assembly.

Jun 22/2008
I corrected a drawing. Let's see pdf of the beginning.
11.The drill guide of Kanzawa Tekko Co Ltd is very good.
12.The Base of motor. M6 tap.
13.Using M6*30L.
14.The details in the V pulley joining part.
15.The Velcro Tape. WIDE 100mm,LENGTH 500mm.I bought it by three sheets.
16.Gluing. Using Bond type G17.
17.The temporary assembly.The diameter of the sand disk was 305 mm.
18.The work table.It is gum tree.

July 1/2008
The pivot table.
19.The top of table was cut in 45 degrees by band saw.
20.The ditch in miter gage.
21.This aluminum FB joins a table and the body.
22.The marking of the pivot position.
23.The detail of pivot nut.
24.The temporary assembly.Using knob.
25.The make of the stay.It is acrylic.
26.It is nearly completed.Next, I make a cover and dust collect port.

July 6/2008
The making of the dust cover. I revision of the Drawing.
27.A cover is made of 2.5 mm plywood.The cover can be fixed with the one touch lock, and be removed easily.
28.This is a collection port on the other side.
29.This is a start switch.
30.A cover of the upper part of the disk is made of 2mm PVC.
31.Test run. I think it is very good.
32.I installed the knob to carry to it.